From Our Founder

My Yogic journey began as a genuine effort to discover an organic, simpler and sustainable fitness path than most other options available out there in the world presently. I have spent past many years on researching and planning the right mix of yoga workouts and yogic diets for the varying needs of the individuals. Coupling the workouts and diet is the only way going forward to a achieve truly healthy life.

I would like you all to know my story of a completely transformative experience that took place during past couple of years in my life. Three years ago, I fell into the spiral trap of unrelated ailments and underwent myriads of medical consultations and treatments for months. During this period, I went through what so many people often go through: multiple, seemingly unrelated yet compounding, health issues. I found myself in a chaotic state of being over-medicated, unimproved, and completely out of balance with the natural rhythms of my own body and life.

With the zeal to heal myself, I did not give up and started a journey to find a natural and sustainable solution to my intermittent ailments. I shifted my focus from medicine to Yogic Practices and started experimenting with yogic ways to heal mind, body, and spirit. I adopted routine yoga workouts and prepared various recipes of cooked and raw yogic foods. The subject became so dear to me that I studied the healing effects that the various natural foods have on our body and ended up inventing a whole new menu of my own delicious recipes which are miraculously healing. What I learned in these past years has not only allowed me to regain my health but has also promoted a greater sense of youth and vitality that I had not felt in years. My illuminating experience has inspired me to share what I have learned with others and make world a healthier and happier place.

Trust me 30-40 mins of yoga a day, can totally transform your life in a big way, therefore I encourage you all to be a Yogi, a TruYogi.

Our Vision

Driven by the vision to bring uninterrupted health and happiness to one and all, we are here to motivate people to pursue an organic and sustainable lifestyle by integrating well-researched Yogic Practices in their lives. A less known fact is that Yoga has the power to prevent and cure a great deal of the ailments in the world. With our deep knowledge of the yogic practices, we promise happiness and peace for all, 24/7 * 365.

May it be your body, mind or soul, “Let Yoga Be Thy Medicine!”

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and develop as many yogis as possible all around the world. After observing and experiencing the half-baked yogic practices being offered everywhere, we are both surprised and disappointed as to why Yogic Practices have not been well-structured and why Yogic Diet, which is a vital component of a healthy life, has not been made a part of the big Yoga Movement. We believe that without integrating Yogic Diets into the customized Yoga Workouts, you will not be able to achieve your desired health goals.

We are determined to make the world look at Yoga as not only a way to ensure physical fitness, but to know that yoga is also the greatest tool available to the humanity for bringing harmony among mind, body, and spirit. During your Yogic Journey, a great deal of our focus would be on providing you the right Yogic Diet to lead a fulfilling life.

As they say in Ayurveda:

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use,

When the diet is right, medicine is of no need.”

Our Advisory Board
Jean Jendusa

Jean Jendusa is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mobile MediClaim, an Electronic Health Records Company established with the mission to expand the roles for Pharmacists in America’s Healthcare System.  Jean leads Mobile MediClaim’s strategy and vision and is assisted by talented and well-equipped teams of professionals.

After a long corporate career with diverse experience in the fields of Independent Pharmacy Management, PBM Sales and Services, Pharma Sales and Consulting, Medical Claims, Insurance Management and Technology Management, Jean has joined the ranks of healthcare entrepreneurs who are out there to augment America’s healthcare system’s offerings, by including pharmacists as paid members of the system. Jean promises to continue teaching, leading and inspiring pharmacists and the leaders in the pharma sector to use the skills and talents of pharmacy alongside the country’s physicians. Owing to this entrepreneurial venture, Mobile MediClaim, Pharmacists are now better equipped to fill the gaps in the care and are finally being recognized for the effort and time they dedicate to the healthcare system.

TruYogi is blessed to be guided by Jean, who has always been an advocate of developing more organic and sustainable healthcare solutions for the world.

Mitch Bienvenue

Mitch Bienvenue is the Director of the Illinois Small Business Development & International Trade Center (SBDC/ITC) located at the College of Lake County. Mitch is a serial entrepreneur who is credited with starting and growing multiple businesses.

With over 35 years of business experience, he helps people realize their dreams of starting and growing successful businesses and, as a result, strengthening the Lake County economy. He and the SBDC/ITC team provide one-on-one business advising, training programs and tools to inspire, educate and connect business owners and entrepreneurs. His team’s ultimate goal is to provide a well-defined, easily accessible ecosystem that facilitates small business success.

Mitch has been very supportive since the early days of TruYogi and has been guiding us very structurally with his rich experience.


Dr. Jitendra Das

Dr. Jitendra Das is the founder of Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Rishikesh, India, truly a haven for yoga enthusiasts and is himself a renowned International Yoga Master.

He travels extensively all around the world and conducts yoga training sessions and workshops for aspiring yoga teachers and practitioners. He professes in ancient Hatha Yoga and Astanga yoga, Vinyasa, Mysore style yoga, Shatkriya & Mudras and Therapeutic yoga. He calls his style of Yoga as the “Ancient Style of Hatha Yoga”, meaning the original form of yoga which was propagated by the primary teacher of yoga “Sage Patanjali”.

Driven by the passion of providing a holistic health framework to the world, he pursued his academics in the field of Sanskrit, Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedas. Dr. Jitendra Das holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit, Yoga, Vedic literature and Philosophy. He was awarded Gold Medal in his Master’s Degree in yoga and scientific research, and has completed his Ph.D. on the subject “Patanjali Yoga and Ayurveda” from the famous Gurukul Kangari University, India. He has spent many years of his life learning lesser-known aspects of yoga from many senior yoga masters of the country. With his decades of experience both in yoga and in business, Dr. Das is providing necessary training and is helping TruYogi realize its mission to make yoga a bigger movement in America.

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